McMurdo 2005-2006

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I will be at McMurdo station from october 2005 thru about march or april, 2006.

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Send me stuff!

Michael Hoban, RPSC
McMurdo Station
PSC 469 Box 700
APO AP 96599-1035

Mail to antarctica is fairly unreliable, so don't send anything really important like um a diamond as big as the ritz.
For one thing it simply might not get there, for another it'll have a better chance of getting there if you bust it up into diamonds as big as say shoeboxes. Anything sent after February 1 will probably be returned.
Stuff which shouldn't be frozen (like um, shampoo? limonada?) should be marked "Do Not Freeze".
Unfortunately they don't want booze or plants to be shipped in, and also Styrofoam Packaging ist forbudt!
- Use wadded up (not shredded) newspaper instead.

Please send Photos (real ones), Mix CDs, Letters, and Picture Books for Baby Aliens ! Also, send good food! (dried fruit and such) and anything you think I could use for a good bribe!