01 December, 2006

whimper whimper

Yesterday, a reporter and photographer from MSNBC arrived. No time was wasted before the complaining began.

Here are some bullet points from his article that really show how tough the Antarctic can be:
some of these shamelessly ripped off from Nicholas at bigdeadplace

  • The interior of the C-17 didn't "help establish a comfort zone"
  • The parka and boots felt like a "full-body straightjacket"
  • He had to go to a housing briefing upon arriving in McMurdo
  • His roommate snores

As Sandwich says, "Imagine that hellish trip PLUS making $377 a week, doomed to 5 months of service as a dishwasher scrubbing pots in a windowless room for 10 hours a day."

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things are at a pretty level point right now. There have been several unreported instances of shenanigans, one boondoggle that I photographed last year (albeit without the amazing group of friends I had along this time), and Thanksgiving, where I looked, if I do say so myself, good. Anyway, more to come later, hopefully.


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